Eclipse sucks, so use NetBeans!

Eclipse is the most ugliest tool I have ever used: It has more bugs than Windows 95 pre-alpha Edition ever had. The shortcuts used in Eclipse are used nowhere else. So is the search method implemented inconsequently because there are a bunch of search UIs and almost all of them you will never use but you see them all the time.


If you google for "eclipse sucks" you will find about 1.2 million hits. It seems that many people have suffered from this IBM product. In fact it cost me approx. ten years of my life time working six months with Eclipse and many swear words. There are also many former Eclipse users that have switched over to NetBeans and have not regret this decision. And there are many articles in the blogosphere which were written by frustrated Eclipse users to work off the aggression they gathered using this IDE.

And is there any good Eclipse alternative? Yes: NetBeans - for everybody who is fed up with Eclipse!


If you want to tell the world how much Eclipse sucks, write similar articles and link to other "Eclipse sucks" articles. In this way maybe we can cause a paradigm shift in the minds of many people. And if more people use NetBeans Eclipse will not be the de facto standard IDE for Java developers, which forces many people to use Eclipse at work - even if they do not like it.