Sociologists at the Oxford University: Studying engineering turns you into a terrorist

I have always claimed it: Studying engineering turns people into ideology blinded, technocratic, infantile and introverted zombies. Now Diego Gambetta, Professor of Sociology and Official Fellow at the Oxford University (UK) has detected a positive correlation between studying engineering and being member of ideologically motivated groups like Al-Qaeda. In my opinion the strong bias to ideologies results from the very formal, pedantic and rule driven (also one-sided?) way of thinking dominating the engineering activity.

Of course the concrete claim is quite provoking: "Studying engineering turns you into a terrorist". But terrorism is just a peculiarity of pedantism which is in fact a psychological disorder. The main cause of pedantism is static, formal and rule-driven thinking. Just think about people like John Forbes Nash, Jr. who had schizophrenia. In fact schizophrenia and other mental diseases are quite common within engineers and mathematicians.

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